विश्व क्षत्रिय उत्तरदायित्व परिषद

World Kshatriya Responsibility Council


This platform of all Kshatriya brothers is welcomed by heart; Let us all work together to keep our glorious history visible and discharge their duties towards the society.


When every member of the Kshatriya community is self-sufficient and prosperous, we will be able to protect our self-esteem so we will be capable of discharging our obligation towards the other sections of the society, in which the other classes of society reciprocate their lost glory and respect. Will be successful in establishing and establishing an indelible impression of glorious history and mythological significance in every section of society. Will succeed in


Kshatriya responsibility is a form religion. The purpose of this platform is to bring this concept to every class of society. Our goal is "towards prosperity from prosperity". It means that when we are prosperous and prosperous, we will be Kshatriya only when other classes of society Will be able to follow their Kshatriya Dharma, prosperity and capable Kshatriya community is responsible for the first benefit of Kshatriya

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